Cap Classique Association go for Watergate solution

Faced with the most serious credibility issue in the existence of Cap Classique with the news that Vinimark has been mis-selling the equivalent of soda syphon wine as MCC, the Cap Classique Association takes a leaf out of Richard Nixon’s Watergate manual.

tricky Cap Classique Association go for Watergate solution

“As you might of heard in the media about the dilemma The House of Krone finds themselves in, it is extremely important that we keep the channel of communications as tight as possible and not speak to any press or media. It remains sensitive, although our letter, sent to them, is firm and to the point. Should any one of you be contacted by the press and or media for comment please direct all queries and questions to me.”

Dilemma? It’s a bit more than that. Dilemma is what you have when your cheap bottles start exploding. A scandal is what happens when you do the wrong thing next. Trying to muzzle “the press or media” just makes the problem ten times worse.