Beating bulk at its own game

I love my laundry is the leading showcase for wine innovation in Cape Town. Laundry leader Clayton Howard is like CNA – always first with the goodies. His latest is the Ankerman Shiraz 2011 from Paarl in a plastic bottle that he’s selling for R40. This is beating bulk exports at their own game.

IMG 3245 615x819 Beating bulk at its own game

And poking gentle fun at a wine from another Paarl winery – Nederburg – who make a Chenin Blanc called Anchorman. Let’s hope Distell silent strongman Richard Rushton has a sense of humour and does not Dombeya the brand. I’m referring to the legal challenge from Alto that saw the Altus of Preston Haskell become a Fenix, the name of a Finnish spectrometer from SpecIm.

The wine is magic – fresh, fruity and totally understandable. It was made for the Finnish market and if you want some you’d better hurry as it will surely soon be all finished (geddit?). Maybe this is what they mean by “Pantti Pant” (below) on the back label. Another laundry special nearly finished is the Astronaut Chenin Blanc 2011 from Anibal Coutinho that is down to its last 10 cases.

IMG 3246 615x819 Beating bulk at its own game

Clayton’s coffee is also tops. So good in fact that the Waterkant Spar – the best in SA – stocks it.