Jade hijinks

The Jade Lounge in Green Point claims to be “Cape Town’s premier champagne lounge and bar. This uber-chic lounge with a certain French flair… is perfect for mingling.” Which is what must have happened to the iPhone of Loïc Rakotomalala (below), global brand ambassador for Bisquit Cognac who repaired to the Jade Lounge after a Thursday evening spent pouring Bisquit to punters at Fine Brandy by Design.

IMG 3270 615x461 Jade hijinks

Which is a tragedy for Cognac as I’d planned to introduce Loïc to my Pendock Wine Gallery @ Taj on Friday afternoon as I’m convinced the way to market Cognac and top end brandy is as fine art and not an ingredient in an exotic cocktail. Instead of test driving the concept in my Gallery, he spent Friday afternoon in the Apple shop at the Waterfront, trying to find out where his iPhone was located.

chely 615x345 Jade hijinks

What is it with jade anyway? The Chinese lunar explorer is called Jade Rabbit and is currently prospecting and laying claim to the moon while the meteor that exploded over Chelyabinsk last year at 60 times the speed of sound and 30 times brighter than the sun, was made of jade.

Seems that Loïc got off lightly in the Jade Lounge then, only losing his iPhone which was no doubt made in China anyway.