Òrach Slie for me

Twankey Bar at the Taj Hotel is pretty optimal when it comes to a DIY inner city office. One of the fastest wireless interwebs in town with no time or Mb limit and Truth coffee without the crush at the Buitenkant HQ. Which could explain why Winetimes leave their Buitenkant eyrie on maid’s day and take up residency at Twankeys. No whales allowed and chance encounters with Rudolph Fourie, the dude behind Ola Dubh, Scotland’s best craft beer. Yesterday Rudoph was singing the praises of Òrach Slie, a Dubh aged in Glenfarclas whisky barrels.

IMG 3411 615x819 Òrach Slie for me

Òrach Slie means golden nectar – as opposed to Golden Dawn, the reactionary Greek political party and this champagne-like nectar is a revelation. The whisky was aged in Sherry barrels which are then recycled to age beer. The result is a miracle with notes of Sherry, whisky and beer in the same glass. Perfect for those drinkers who can’t make up their minds. Pure elegance in a glass with a citrus freshness. Bliss.