FNB are playing on my pimples

Did you know the Cockney rhyming slang for Scotch is Pimple and Blotch because of the effect whisky has on the face if you consume too much? Although with less than 100 days left before Scotland decides to give the rest of the UK the flick, now is perhaps not the time to bring this sensitive issue up. And will the slang for pissed remain Scotch mist after the devolution vote? What a wonderful marketing opportunity for brandy though as Cockney for brandy will inevitably involve feeling randy.

wlive FNB are playing on my pimples

I’m feeling in a whisky frame of mind at the minute having just been invited to the Cape Town edition of the Whisky Live Showroom by my bank. Makes a change to being bugged to collect my cheque card via SMS and email everyday. Mr. banker, please stop harassing me and pour another wee dram. Or tumble down the sink as they say within earshot of Bow bells.

So nice to see Nelspruit features on the whisky trail as I’m desperately looking for sponsorhip to take my Karoo Kêrels brandy experience to Aardklop in Potchefstroom in October. It worked like a bomb at Food|Wine|Design in Hyde Park last November and Potchefstroom is surely more brandewyn bewus than northern suburbs Johannesburg.

The idea is to pour a glass of firewater for the audience of ‘n Vuur gevang in glas performed by Amanda Strydom and written by Hennie Aucamp who was a famous whisky drinker. So if you’re a banker looking for SA – as opposed to Scottish marketing mileage – do make contact.