Whale Cottage reviews food he didn't eat

Whale Cottage has set himself up as a self-proclaimed food and wine critic and expert on all things to do with tourism. One of his channels is the TripAdvisor website which is odd, as the site is full of damning reviews of his own dodgy guest houses that cater to the hair fetish market. Being banned from the restaurants of Reuben Riffel didn’t stop him from reviewing the food at Racine, Reuben’s restaurant on Chamonix wine estate in Franschhoek. Cheekily calling himself campsbaylover (alas the smiling mug shot below rather gives the game away), the Whale rates the food 1 spot out of 5

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which is most unfair as he clearly did not eat there. Not even the Platter sighted wine guide would pass judgement on a wine without tasting it. The Whale’s review is the only terrible trashing out of 24 made, 14 of which rate the spot splendid. Now that the news is out that Racine is a Whale Free Zone, business will surely boom for Reuben.