Cognac needs UberX

Are SA brandy and Cognac drinkers being taken for a ride? A Father’s Day email from Loic Rakotomala offers Bisquit at wildly different prices from so-called cut-price supermarkets. From R299 to R359 for V.S and V.S.O.P from R499 to R599 at selected SPAR, Pick n Pay, Makro, Checkers and Shoprite stores.

rak Cognac needs UberX

Norman Goodfellows’ website lists the VSOP at R644 – a 30% price spread. In the same way that smartphone app UberX claims it will reduce the average metered taxi fare by 40% in Cape Town in Business Day today, surely the Brandy Foundation or brand owner Distell can commission an app to alert brandy and Cognac consumers to the best deals in a neighbourhood? The app could be called LOIC (Lowest Outlay In City) in honour of the global brand ambassador who alerted consumers to the wide spread of prices for his product.