Another week, another whale disaster

The Whale Cottage B&B saga just keeps on running. It’s more addictive than Sevende Laan. Three TripAdvisor reviews of the Franschhoek Whale Cottage last week are hilarious.

cot Another week, another whale disaster

From Major24 : “we had the whole place to ourselves… ahem including the owner Chris… who could not fathom why we would not want her to join our celebrations. She was in our face constantly! Like non stop! Like she was spying on us and took every gap possible to pop in the middle of the conversation.” Perhaps this eager blogger compiles reports for the NSA.

Fotini B : “Chris the proprietor is anything but accommodating. She is constantly in your face. I could go on about the bad decor as well, but I would never just rather recommend that no one ever stay here.”

Yolande B : “From the very first moment, Chris, the owner, managed us the way SHE thought it fit. Even though we had booked the entire place, she was trying to oraginise who sleeps in which room. And when we politely said that we’ll sort it out ourselves, she literally told us: “this is my guesthouse and I’ll run it the way I like.” At breakfast (that included a measly ONE strip of undercooked bacon, one cherry tomato and egg) she faffed around us, almost trying to be part of our celebration. But when we wanted the dirty dishes cleared from the table to make space, she said: “the lady will do it later, she’s busy now.” We explained we want to open gifts, but she just stood there and did nothing. Wow!!  She also tried to insist we all write nice messages in her guest book. Which, obviously, we were reluctant to. “