Cape Town: the Big Cabbage

If New York is the Big Apple and NY style slice pizza joints pop up on Kloof Street, why can’t Cape Town be the Big Cabbage? Certainly there are enough vegetables already in city hall and one of the Cape’s leading restaurants is Savoy Cabbage. They’ve installed a flying Tutu above their wine rack in the most exciting experiential marketing project in the city. Who needs World Design Capital when you have a sense of humour?

tuts Cape Town: the Big Cabbage

The annual Savoy Cabbage offal festival is almost upon us.

Wednesday 25th June to Tuesday 8th July 2014
Not everyone’s cup of tea perhaps but for many offal lovers our annual festival is a ‘must do’.

Over the period of the festival we will be serving, in addition to our normal menu offerings, such delights as brains with black butter and capers, sweetbread terrine, liver and kidney crespelle with port sauce, and kidneys in mustard sauce. On the main courses the repertoire will include stuffed pig’s trotters, pickled tongue, tripe and chorizo, pan fried sweetbreads and calves’ liver. Over the fortnight the repertoire will change so don’t expect them all at any one time. If you book well in advance and make a request we will try and have your favourite on when you come, subject to availability from our suppliers.

But what a great opportunity to match KWV’s Mentors range of wines. Offal dishes are typically robustly flavoured and the Swartland FreshnessTM of the whites and Old FashionedTM densely flavoured reds are all good calls. Brains and Mentors Verdelho is a no-brainer while pickled tongue and Chenin is possible as Luke Dale-Roberts demonstrated yesterday when he matched the Chenin with tomatoes.

Pan fried sweetbreads and Mentors Pinotage is an obvious call as the sweet flavours of SA’s indigenous grape agree while calves’ liver and Mentors Petit Verdot has possibilities. KWV Mentors, awfully good matches for offal has a certain ring to it, n’est pas?