Whisky Live: Best Value Scotch

If the Glen Grant Major’s Reserve at R210 a bottle is not the best value single malt available in SA, then it must be close to it. WhiskyLive at the Cape Sun is the place to load up on supplies. For with the Randela the sick man of global currencies, for how much longer can this price be held?

IMG 3517 615x819 Whisky Live: Best Value Scotch

This is Speyside at its spectacular best. Floral and full of finesse rather than that Groote Schuur antiseptic hospital experience you get from the Islay crowd. Peated whisky is the same as Sauvignon Blanc made from green peppers. Totally unnatural and too obvious by half.

On the financial front, eight year old spirit for the same price as five year old brandy is a no-brainer. No wonder whisky is wiping the floor with local brands of brandy.