KWV Orchestra for Crowd Surfing

Dr David Glowacki should become the face of the KWV 2012 Orchestra Bordeaux blend. Or get a free case, at least. It was my best red of the memorable Test Kitchen launch on Thursday where all the chiskoppe were seated at the same table. What a pity Greg Landman (below), recently returned from the flesh pots of France, is so immaculately coiffured he had no need to borrow a comb.

IMG 3499 615x819 KWV Orchestra for Crowd Surfing

Dr. Dave has popped onto the radar screen for attempting to crowd-surf a performance of Handel’s Messiah in Bristol. The conductor told the audience to let the music move them, but when Dave “began lurching from side to side with his hands raised and whooping before attempting to crowd-surf” he was “physically assaulted, knocked down to the floor and forcibly dragged out by two classical vigilantes” according to the Irish Independent.

surfer 615x193 KWV Orchestra for Crowd Surfing

He denied being drunk, adding: “This may be a consequence of me being American, but I can quite easily be provocative without the need to be inebriated.” Imagine how much better he’d have performed on KWV orchestra then. This is the kind of free spirit SA wine producers should embrace rather then the hackneyed old schlebs and self-promoters that cost a fortune.