Whale Blitzkrieg in Swellendam

The Whale Cottage bad behaviour story just runs and runs like a ladder in a pair of fishnet tights. The notorious blogger descended on sleepy Swellendam yesterday and attempted to corner the paté market by snapping up all stock at Tredici Restaurant.

As the website explains “Tredici is the Italian way of saying Baker’s Dozen – a belief dating back to the 13th century. Way back then bakers would illustrate their honesty by always offering their customers more than the law required, and never less. So, instead of 12 loaves in a dozen, customers would receive 13, and when purchasing only 12 measures, 13 would be given. It is this commitment to always offer more than you’d expect, that inspires everything we do here at Tredici.”

When owner NC Bekker refused to sell all his paté, the Whale launched a Sturzkampfflugzeug (Stuka) bullying strike on Twitter:

photo 9 615x922 Whale Blitzkrieg in Swellendam

Obviously the Whale was taking a leaf out of the war manual of his father Hauptmann Günter Julius Lukas Berthold Freiherr von Ulmenstein on manoevers in World War II (below) to get in fast and take no prisoners.

photo1 615x395 Whale Blitzkrieg in Swellendam

Attempts to reach NC for comment were fruitless as the restaurant only opens at 7pm – if they have anything left to serve after the Whale’s lunch. Swellendam Tourism however did deny that there were plans to change the name of the village to Swellenwhale.