Platter has a sex change

With the Platter La-Z-Boy recliners awash with blood after a flood of firings and resignations among visualizers, news is starting to filter out on the identities of the new spotted spoofers. First up is Joanne Gibson, author of an amazing anti-wine attack on Warwick in the Sunday Times Food Weekly before Mother’s Day. Warwick CEO Mike Ratcliffe will be hoping Joanne doesn’t do him. Joanne pens the weekly Diners Club sponsored wine puff in Food Weekly, so conflicts of interest proliferate, again, as Diners owns Platter.

photo 615x461 Platter has a sex change

Next up is the upgrading of wine educator Cathy Marston whose WSET courses are slowly putting the Cape Wine Academy out of business. The steam rising from Academy shareholders looks like an Indian pow-wow from my vantage point at the Taj Hotel. Cathy is no stranger to Platter, having written “contributions” last year. Looks like she’s replacing Christian Eedges to keep the C-count constant as Christian has moved from tasting duties to contributions.

Of course all these changes are just rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic as Platter has a credibility hole ripped in its side larger than an iceberg with Captain Lascaris at the helm. This makes the Oceanos and Costa Concordia disasters look like child’s play.

Costa Plenty, rather. Still as producers leave in droves, at least hard-pressed Standard Bank shareholders will have reduced printing costs to look forward to. The print run was down last year and this year, the book should be substantially slimmer.