Kommanderie Kuier te Leke

We had to turn commandeurs away last night at the first function for 2016 of the Commanderie de Bordeaux held at Morgenster.

It could be because Winne Bowman has taken over as maitre. It could be because Emile Louw Joubert was arranging things. It could be because the wines of Morgenster are about as good as it gets 8000 Km from Bordeaux. Or it could be because the dinner following the intronization of five new commandeurs was to be held at 95 @ Morgenster.

Which is only out by six years (Morgenster maitre Giulio Bertrand is a mere 89 years young). To celebrate, Winnie declared generous Giulio to be an honorary commandeur. “What does it mean?” he asked. “You don’t need to pay annual membership fees.” Which at R1,500, is good news, even for a billionaire. But well worth the money to taste Chateau Figeac 2001 and other goodies given the Zupta exchange rate, even if one butterfingers smashed one of the two bottles.

IMG 6208 e1459495274998 615x819 Kommanderie Kuier te Leke

95 @ Morgenster restaurateur Giorgio Nava is famous for a palace of meat called Carne on Keerom Street, Cape Town and 95 on Keerom across the road, with signature dishes chops from his Karoo farm and fish from Table Bay. Above he demonstrates how best to eat yellow tail. But the real treat is dry bread and a chance to taste five bottles of Morgenster olive oil on each table. Well worth the journey, as the Guide Michelin might say if celebrity sjef Jan Hendrink van der Westhuizen ever persuades them to come to SA.

The commandeurs who signed up for the jolly crew were journalist Maryke Roberts, Woolies wine worthy Allan Mullins , Barriedale wine hero and hairy/hunky biker Meyer Joubert, Mr. Corkamorimcork Kommanderie Kuier te Leke
by Amorim Cork
Joaquim Sa and the voice of SA wine Bennie Howard who mistook yours truly for a dominee. We also welcomed a visiting commandeur from Germany, confirming the global reach of the organization. It’s like a benign Illuminati or Opus Dora (surely Dei? ed.) without the self flagellation, alas.

IMG 6209 615x461 Kommanderie Kuier te Leke

I’m off en primeur tasting in Bordeaux tomorrow and only hope the gees that side is as great as it was under the Helderberg.