Vinpro melts down

Roy Cokayne, a writer on Business Times, is well named. His frontpage scoop today headlined “PPC shares spike as Nelson gets appointed” is a cockeyed doozy. “PPC shares advanced as much as 0.17%… before closing unchanged at R5.94.”

IMG 02521 e1477384240639 615x615 Vinpro melts down

Vinpro CEO Rico Basson, a former bankster, needs to hire Roy to spin Vinpro’s financial results. A 2016 loss of 25.5 bar after last year’s “profit” of R30.5m. But that was after Rico sold some land for R31.6m, so another loss really.

Poor, poor SA farmers, literally. Not only is there the worst drought since the Anglo Boer War, but they’ve been cursed with a bunch of palookas who lurch from one disaster to the next. Time to tell Vinpro, WOSA and the whole box ‘n dice to take a hike. Really.