Pendock blogged on Grape

Blogged today by Concerned Mom from Somerset West aka Cathy van Zyl (MW). CM’s “dollop of nebulousness” was prompted by my recent column on value for money SA wine and the lack thereof. While grateful to be blogged, I don’t buy CM’s argument that ‘Children are the true connoisseurs. What is precious to them has no price, only value.’ For starters, it’s against the law for children to drink…

My Winenews example was two red blends from the Helderberg: the Jem 2004 from Waterford and the Quintette 2005 from Spar which differ in price by an order or magnitude. The Quintette in question is conspicuous by its absence from the 2008 edition of the Platter wine guide that will be launched in a sea of free five star wine this evening at the Devon Valley Hotel as producer Spar are boycotting the guide until assessments are done blind. Alas neither Jem nor Quintette will be served at the launch as the former missed out on five star status through an e-mail foul-up that saw it left off the tasting list for this year’s five star stunners.

While the Quintette is less than 10% the price of the Jem, I can confirm that my age is less than 10% more than of glamorous CM and hence I am still comfortably under the senile sensory ceiling of 50, unlike the rest of the bunch over at Grape.

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