Real integrity in the winelands

They say that one should always tackle a problem from the roots in order to solve it and that’s exactly what Anna Brom did when see started the Anna Foundation 5 years ago. It all boils down to education. You can provide someone with food, clothes and housing, but they won’t be able to sustain it if they are not contributing to society and that’s they hard reality.

bikes Real integrity in the winelands The mission of the Anna Foundation is to assist disadvantaged schools and communities by equipping children with life skills and providing academic, social and environmental support. Each child is unique and the Anna foundation’s aim is to support the holistic development of every child they work with. Apart from educating the children, they also educate the parents and select members out of the society to train up as teachers and mentors.

The foundation started 5 years ago and has grown tremendously ever since.

The Anna Foundation is currently run 3 different programmes namely the 3 R’s Programme, School scholarship programme and the Play2Pro programme thanks to the support of their financial partners. You can read more about each programme here.

anna2 Real integrity in the winelands Various wine farms see the importance of educating the children of their employees and support these programmes financially along with a few other corporate and private sponsors and without them non of this would have been possible.

What you can do to make a difference

Why not ask everyone who comes to your next dinner party to bring along some stationary or educational puzzles and games that are not being used? The smallest thing can make a big difference.

For more information about the Anna Foundation visit their website and see what you can do put a smile on someone’s face and help build a brighter future for everyone!

anna1 Real integrity in the winelands