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Cocktail Hour: Hendrick’s Gin Autumn Season Revival

Coup de grace’ of our unusual Hendrick’s Gin as the change of season is well underway.


5 Fun Facts about Mulled Wine

It remains unclear who proclaimed 3 March Mulled Wine Day, but this hot beverage deserves to be celebrated for its global popularity.


The 10 Most Popular Casino Drinks

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Casinos and beverages have gone hand in hand with each other since as far as we can remember. Whenever we think of James Bond hitting the high roller tables at the Casino Royale, its hard picture him without his signature Vodka Martini in hand – and god forbid it’s stirred!


The Most Extravagant Drinks in Las Vegas

Lots of people are eager to try the most extravagant drinks in Las Vegas.


Movie-themed Cocktails for your Oscars Party

Academy Awards will be handed out this Sunday, providing the perfect excuse to get together for parties that range from extremely casual to VERY fancy! Whatever the dress code, tasty cocktails are a must!


Coffee, Tea, Energy Drinks: Can You Overdose on Caffeine?

Caffeine is almost ubiquitous. Coffee beans, tea leaves, kola nuts and cacao naturally contain caffeine. It’s in many beverages and even, in small amounts, in chocolate.


Rosé and Grapefruit Popsicles

Whether you call it a Popsicle, freezer pop, ice lolly, ice block or icy pole, this refreshing treat is sure to impress your guests!


Tokyo Bar celebrates Valentine`s Day with Insect Cocktails

Valentine’s Day can make any non-romantic want to gag.


Mixologists are reviving your grandma’s favourite ingredients

Long before India’s burgeoning bar scene spawned celebrity mixologists and cocktails with cult renown, the most refreshing, distinctive drinks were made by village grandmothers and at roadside dhabas: puckeringly sour aam panna, made from green mangos, or the musky, beet-red fermented vegetable juice kanji.


Perfect your Gin Cocktail skills with these retro adverts

Seagram Gin’s made sure that they get there marketing message across with a series of clever advertisements, dating back to the 70s.

Hendrick's Gin

Shake it up and make something beautiful to drink.

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