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Wine Milkshakes to freak out about

Most people do not need a definition for the doughnut. They know it, they (usually) love it and as it has recently gained a new wave of celebrity, they regularly opt for it with a cup of coffee.


10 Reasons Why A Martini Is The Best Alcoholic Drink

Today is National Martini Day, and there is no better way to celebrate than by promptly ordering several martinis.


How to make a Deep Fried Dirty Martini

If ever there was a different take on a martini, this is it!


A Dark and Stormy Cocktail that will warm that Winter chill

Even the name of this cocktail—Dark and Stormy—makes you want to don your warmest sweater and cozy up near a fire.  this rum-based tipple has enough of a spicy kick to lift you up from the cold-weather blues without burning your tongue.


5 Drinks To Avoid and 5 Drinks To Order If You`re Watching Your Weight

British health food retailer recently compiled a list of some the of most popular – but high-calorie – alcoholic drinks that could be ruining your diet. They also included a few waistline-friendly alternatives.


The History Of The Hamburger And What To Drink With It

28 May marks International Hamburger Day. The origin of one of the world’s most favourite menu items is not very clear.


Let us raise a glass to Roger Moore

Actor Sir Roger Moore died Tuesday at the ripe-old age of 89. On television he was Simon Templar in The Saint, but he was best known for playing British Secret Service Agent 007 in seven James Bond films, from 1973 to 1985.


The 3 Best Nightcaps to Drink Before Bed

Sometimes the only way to unwind from an exhausting day of work is by sipping yourself to sleep with a cocktail in hand. A drink before bed calms the nerves, relaxes the body and takes your mind off the stresses of the day.


White Rabbit Wine Cocktail

The delicious White Rabbit Wine Cocktail might just make you weak at the knees!


9 Cocktails Based on Sparkling Wine

The modern world has already stepped forward and outside the classic vision of a bar menu. Many bars can surprise you with new unusual interpretations of well-known cocktails.


Shake it up and make something beautiful to drink.

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