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Japanese Company Introduces Spreadable Coffee

Fancy some coffee on your toast? Snow Brand Milk Products in Japan has released a creamy spread flavoured like its super-sweet coffee drinks in celebration of the brands 55th birthday.


Is tea or coffee better for you?

Coffee is no good for you – that’s the received wisdom, at least.


Starbucks Introduces Whiskey Barrel-Aged Coffee

The Starbucks Roastery in Seattle is now offering two new speciality drinks and bags of coffee made from beans aged in whiskey barrels.


The reason why smokers drink more coffee

Cigarette smokers tend to drink more coffee according to scientists. A study published last month has found that an inherited genetic variant that causes people to smoke more might also cause them to crave more caffeine.


Five of the Coolest Cafes for Coffee Lovers

As one of the most popular drinks in the world, enjoying a cup of coffee can depend as much on your surroundings as the brew itself.


Eco coffee pods made from bamboo and paper are launched to take on the aluminium capsules advertised by George Clooney 

New ‘green’ coffee capsules are being launched to take on the aluminium Nespresso versions promoted by George Clooney.


The weird trick makes the taste of Coffee less bitter

There are lots of ways to make coffee taste less bitter—you can add sugar or milk. Or you can add an egg.


How to make coffee salt

This simple flavoured salt brings a pinch of caffeinated brightness to your culinary creations.


The new Starbucks virtual assistant is the barista version of Siri

Starbucks is putting its own spin on the virtual assistant.


This Coffee Robot Wants to Make Your Barista Obsolete

It’s official: humans aren’t even capable of making a simple cup of coffee anymore.

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