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Beer Yoga is the new buzz for fitness enthusiasts

So many people struggle to balance a busy schedule with staying fit.


How to make a Popcorn Maker out of a beer can

Okay, listen. No one needs to do this.


Sip These Teas to Soothe Your Stomach, Lose Weight, and Get Clear Skin

Tea is a soothing Winter drink, and it can have pretty miraculous healing properties.


Warning: Wine before dinner makes you eat more

Scientists at the Francis Crick Institute in London discovered that alcohol really does make you hungrier and having a drink before dinner really make some people eat more.


The facts about losing weight and drinking spirits and cocktails

Between Christmas biscuits, chocolate truffles, and copious cups of eggnog, it’s no wonder your clothes fit a bit tighter than they did before the holidays.


Drinkers Reconsider Their Lifestyle Choices With Food-inspired Cocktails

Food-inspired cocktails that offset the effect of alcohol are set to become a trend in 2017, according to Trendhunter.


This Apple Watch accessory tracks how drunk you are

The ability to see  how drunk you are in any given situation could certainly come in handy when it’s time to decide if you’ll be having ‘just one more’ drink.


Polly Wants A Pilsner

Hop City Brewery’s Polly Want A Pilsner has recently materialize online as a clip of a real polly opening a beer with it’s beak.


5 Amazing Health Benefits of Apricot Juice

Apricot lovers from all over the world observe International Apricot Day every year on January 9th.


Pikotaros new song set to destroy Orange Juice for good

Japanese comedian Daimaou Kosaka, also known as Pikotaro, released his follow-up song to last years viral monstrosity PPAP (Pen Pineapple Apple Pen).

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