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Snake Venom Beer Might Be the Strongest in the World

Beer lovers beware: Here is a challenge you might not want to take on.


US brewery creates fried chicken beer

There are few better combinations than beer and fried chicken. And now, they come together.


Hottest chili vodka in the world lands drinker in hospital

A 30-year-old man from the UK was hospitalized after taking a swig of 1786 Satan’s Shot, a vodka infused with one of the hottest chilies in the world, reports the International Business Times.


A Creative Butcher is producing Red Bull and Vodka Sausages

A creative butcher has started selling Red Bull and vodka sausages.


Marmite Is The Most-seized Item At London City Airport

Besides hobnobs and a steaming cup of Yorkshire Gold, it seems Marmite is the food that us Brits truly miss the most while abroad.


Silverback Gorilla Turns Beer Brewer

Patrick, a 394-pound silverback gorilla, has helped with the making of a limited edition beer at Riverbanks Zoo in South Carolina.

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Hamburger Straws Are The Hot New Fast Food Trend Spreading Across Japan

Today in weird things people are doing to food, a crime worse than dipping fries in milkshakes: topping a drink with a burger and sticking a straw through it.


This is the world`s most expensive caviar

The most expensive of all caviar, and indeed the world’s most expensive food is ‘Almas’.


Snortable chocolate with energy drink stimulants targets health-conscious clubgoers

With a name that recalls the Four Loko alcoholic energy drink craze from several years ago, Coco Loko aims to tap into demand for club-drug alternatives, as snorting raw cacao has become a growing trend in Western Europe.


Coffee hipsters have finally gone too far with the Carrot-cino

First the avo-latte, the coco-latte, and  now this. What’s next?