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Coffee, Tea, Energy Drinks: Can You Overdose on Caffeine?

Caffeine is almost ubiquitous. Coffee beans, tea leaves, kola nuts and cacao naturally contain caffeine. It’s in many beverages and even, in small amounts, in chocolate.


How to pair Cheese with Tea instead of Wine

Most people know wine goes well with cheese or chocolate and a cold beer pairs nicely with BBQ, but what about tea and cheese?


This is how many calories your tea and coffee habit is adding to your diet every day

Adding milk and sugar to your tea and coffee? You may want to think again.


How to Brew a Perfect and Flavourful Cup of Green Tea

Green tea is one of the most popular beverages around the world.


The world`s first hand-drip Green Tea shop opens in Japan

A minimalistic tea shop that focuses solely on hand-dripped tea brewing methods has opened in Tokyo.


5 Drinks To Enjoy Over Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, this time falling on January 28th.


Sip These Teas to Soothe Your Stomach, Lose Weight, and Get Clear Skin

Tea is a soothing Winter drink, and it can have pretty miraculous healing properties.


Drinking green tea before taking supplements may protect you from toxicity

As high doses of green tea extract supplements for weight loss become more popular, potential liver toxicity becomes a concern.


Meet Teforia, A Tea Brewing Robot For The Home

Tea making is a delicate process that only the truest of enthusiasts around the world appreciate.


The Tea Drawer of Khloe Kardashian is the stuff dreams are made of

Just when we thought we’d discovered every dreamy drawer we could ever want, Khloe Kardashian proves us wrong.