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Sip These Teas to Soothe Your Stomach, Lose Weight, and Get Clear Skin

Tea is a soothing Winter drink, and it can have pretty miraculous healing properties.


Drinking green tea before taking supplements may protect you from toxicity

As high doses of green tea extract supplements for weight loss become more popular, potential liver toxicity becomes a concern.


Meet Teforia, A Tea Brewing Robot For The Home

Tea making is a delicate process that only the truest of enthusiasts around the world appreciate.


The Tea Drawer of Khloe Kardashian is the stuff dreams are made of

Just when we thought we’d discovered every dreamy drawer we could ever want, Khloe Kardashian proves us wrong.


This Tea Guy Is Too Hot For The Internet To Handle Right Now

This photo of a Pakistani tea seller (chai wala) is currently steaming-up the internet. Photographer Jiah Ali took a few snaps of the man during a recent photo walk she attended in Islamabad.


Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins Tea Shop is for Hardcore Tea Addicts

On stage, Billy Corgan (front man of 90’s rock icon – Smashing Pumpkins) is a towering god of rock, all sound and fury. But in between tours, he takes on a different persona: that of the tea and bingo-loving owner of Madame Zuzu’s Tea Shop.


Tea from a spray can promises end to soggy tea bags

The ancient art of tea making has been revolutionised, with a new product claiming to produce the perfect brew. 


Health tip of the day: Trade supplements for tea

You can take supplements morning, noon and night and not be quite sure what they’re supposed to be doing for you.


Popular Tea Brands Found to Contain Illegal Amounts of Harmful Toxins

Tea is often touted as being among the healthiest sources of caffeine, with less heath risks than coffee, soda, and energy drinks.


What you need to know about detox tea

Tea lovers aren’t just sipping cups of plain old Earl Grey these days. For many, the allure of detox teas — those teas that purport to help you lose weight — is compelling. But there’s more you need to know before you try one.

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