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5 Things to know about Vodka in Poland

Drinks writer Laura Studarus has never been a fan of vodka. In her latest article for Paste Magazine, Laura admits that her perception of the liquor changed after visiting Poland on a couple of occasions.


Channing Tatum enters the liquor business with the release of his own vodka

Hollywood actor Channing Tatum and Grand Teton Distillery are coming out with a new 80-proof vodka.


Mistletoe Jelly Shots for Christmas

How festive are these?


Kirk Douglas celebrates his 100th Birthday with a shot of Vodka

Kirk Douglas planned to celebrate his 100th birthday on Dec.  9 with a party and a special treat: a shot of vodka.


Belvedere has released a limited-edition Vodka inspired by Ndebele Art

Belvedere has teamed up with (RED) to launch a limited-edition bottle.


How Smirnoff Is Innovating the Vodka Industry

Smirnoff Sourced™ is what vodka would look and taste like if vodka decided to move to LA and teach yoga and have brunch on Sundays.

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This trick makes a cheap bottle of vodka taste like Grey Goose

Everyone would love to be able to go to the store and pick up a premium vodka, but not everyone’s budgets will allow for such an indulgence.


Beluga to release a $6,600 bottle Vodka in 2017

Russian vodka company Beluga will release a new, very high-end vodka, called the Epicure in 2017.


11 Celebrity Vodkas to enjoy on Vodka Day

Famous people use their star power to sell all sorts of things. Many celebrities have cut out the middle man and used all the money they make to launch their own lines of alcohol.


How to clean and disinfect your home using vodka

Move over farm-to-table movement, there’s a new trend in town: bar cart-to-bathroom and beyond!