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Americans Drank More Water Than Soda in 2016

It’s official: Americans drank more bottled water than soda in Y 2016.


8 Widespread Water Myths, Debunked

Water sommelier Martin Riese debunks widespread myths about water.


How to Clean Water With Old Coffee Grounds

Italian researchers have figured out how to turn spent coffee grounds into a foam that can remove heavy metals from water.


Spring has Sprung and so has San Pellegrino

Take advantage of the warmer weather to explore the outdoors and find delightful new places to sip the fresh, fine quality mineral water that is S. Pellegrino.


What Happens When You Add Olive Oil to a Cocktail?

Last week, I came across a promising looking bottle of extra virgin olive oil.


Why you should never refill your water bottle

A human can go more than three weeks without food. But water? A week is the absolute maximum we can last without it.


Millions of Americans drink unsafe water, study says

Millions of Americans may be drinking water with unsafe levels of industrial chemicals, according to a study published Tuesday in the journal Environmental Science & Technology Letters. These chemicals, known as polyfluoroalkyl and perfluoroalkyl substances or PFASs, have been linked to high cholesterol, obesity, hormone suppression — and even cancer.


Deep-fried water is real, crispy and thirst quenching

It’s common knowlegde that Americans love just about anything that’s been deep-fried.


Do Competing Bottled Water Brands Actually Taste Different?

Rhett & Link will slake your thirst for goofy, brand-inspired comedy in the “Ultimate Water Taste Test,” a wonderfully wet episode of their “Good Mythical Morning” YouTube show.


Quality of tap water in South Africa on the decline

Pretoria West was one of seven areas where poor water quality was measured in Afriforum’s Blue Drop study, which was conducted in February 2016.