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These Prosecco-infused tea bags let you drink alcohol-free fizz at your desk

The festive season is upon us, which means canapes, presents and of course, lots and lots of Prosecco. But before the big day hits, we’ve still got a fair few sober days left at work.


The Weirdest Things Beer Can Be Made Of

Craft beer is fast replacing mainstream beers, but are some craft brewers being a little too risqué with their ingredients?


The most expensive bottle of wine in the world just sold for $350,000

You know what they say: Good wine doesn’t always come cheap!


Pink Prosecco Cheese Is Here Because Everything Is Possible

There are some odd, ambitious alcohol and food combinations out there.


This South African is attempting to survive a month in Cape Town without buying his food

How far do your food challenges go? Jan Laubscher from the site, Drinksfeed, is taking on an unusual experiment.


Woman invents coffee for dogs and calls it “Rooffee”

A woman in Lithuania invented a coffee to be consumed by dogs and if that’s not alarming enough, the brand’s name is “Rooffee” — which sounds uncomfortably similar to the shortened term for infamous date-rape drug rohypnol, also known as “roofie.”


The Most Expensive Grilled Cheese In The World Costs $214 And Is Gilded With Real Gold

At home, grilled cheese constitutes a quick, easy, cheap meal.


This 97-year-old Woman Is Still Working The Grape Harvest

Wine making is arduous manual labor, and picking grapes during the harvest season is one of the most physically demanding parts of the process. It sounds like a young person’s game, but 97-year-old Ann Hawkins is still going at it.

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This Japanese water is actually milk tea

From non-melting ice cream to a black cheeseburger, Japan’s the place for weirdly odd but tasty snacks, and the creation of milk tea that looks like plain bottled water has got to take the cake.


Fireball, The Unofficial Beverage Of Regret, Is Now Available In Bagel Form

Ever wake up regretting that last shot of Fireball? Well, now you can extend that regret all the way through breakfast.