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Tokyo Bar celebrates Valentine`s Day with Insect Cocktails

Valentine’s Day can make any non-romantic want to gag.


The weirdest thing you`ll taste this year: The Pizza Shooter

Anyone who has ever designed a shooter list will knows that the human capacity to tolerate gross flavours in the pursuit of inebriation is quite remarkable.


What Exactly is Fermented Mare’s Milk from Mongolia?

Airag is fermented mare’s milk with a slight alcoholic content.  It dates back to the Mongol times when traditionally guests in a nomadic ger would be offered a bowl of airag along with a plate of dairy treats.


Meringue coffee is the latest creation people are going crazy for

With every coffee shop on the high street offering a plethora of flavoured syrups and the annual launch of Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte having become an event in itself, it seems people can’t get enough of sugary coffee.


Tesco is selling toilet rolls that smell like mulled wine for Christmas

Supermarket giant Tesco has launched a seasonal loo roll for Christmas.


Beer Brewer Creates The Most Expensive Potato Chips In The World

DesignTaxi reports that a Sweden-based beer-maker has created a box of luxury potato chips to go with the brand’s high-quality craft beers.

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Bottom Sniffer non-alcoholic beer for dogs makes their bums smell better

It’s the product no one asked for, but that every dog owner will now receive for Christmas: special non-alcoholic beer for dogs that makes their bums smell better.


Craft Brewery Introduces Burger Flavoured Beer

The hamburger obsession isn’t going anywhere, people. From the original meaty versions to newfangled vegetarian options, people just love burgers. 


The world’s first guide to matching INSECTS and wine

The world’s first insect and wine matching guide has been created by a British wine merchant.


The BloodBomb Shot

The trashy cousin of the Jägerbomb, the Blood Bomb is probably one of the nastiest shots around.

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