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Start your workday with Jack Daniel`s coffee that tastes like whiskey

Jack Daniel’s Whiskey has announced a partnership with World of Coffee, Inc., resulting in a sweet new beverage called Tennessee Whiskey Coffee, according to a report on FoodBeast.


Glenfiddich adds Beer flavours to its famous Whisky range

Glenfiddich, the family-owned scotch distillery owned by William Grant & Sons has gone a little crazy lately under malt master Brian Kinsman, having a wee bit of fun along the way.


The Best Booze Pairings for the South African Fast Food Lover

You may not be able to BYOB to Burger King or McDonald’s, but why not swing through the drive-thru and take your food home to pair with a bottle of booze?


Three Ships Whisky brings the magic of distilling to the consumer with this portable Micro-Distillery

Brand Foundry built a portable Micro-Distillery for Three Ships Whisky. Yes, it works. No, you can’t take it home. Hell yeah, it’s fun to use. This apparatus takes the distilling out of the distillery and allows whisky lovers to blend their own entirely unique blend of whisky with an iPad.


This Storm Trooper Whiskey Decanter Is What You Need In Your Life

No man-cave is complete without a a Storm Trooper whiskey decanter. Every dedicated Star Wars fan knows this. Rest assured that this decanter is the finishing touch you’ve been waiting for.


Whisky distillery left with a hangover as more than £1million worth is leaked

More than £1million worth of whisky flooded into the ground after a major leak at a distillery.

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Millennials are all about brown liquor and brands are taking notice

The days of a variety of flavored vodkas appear to be in the past. Today, millennials are seeking out elegant brown liquors.


The Houses at this Eco Village are made from Whisky Vats

Much like the liquor that once swilled around inside their wooden casks, the barrel houses at Findhorn ecovillage have matured nicely in their surroundings.


Three Ships Whisky launches the world`s first Pinotage finish Whisky

Three Ships Whisky has launched the World and South Africa’s first whisky finished in a cask previously used for the maturation of Pinotage – the uniquely South African wine cultivar cloned in 1925 by Abraham Izak Perold.


Jack Daniel`s Grilled Steak Recipe

New York Strip Steaks marinated in one of the most delicious marinades made with Jack Daniel’s Whiskey and Soy Sauce.


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