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Finally, A Wine Glass That Conforms To Your Face

If you’ve ever watched the opening credits to Knocked Up and thought, “That gas mask bong is cool, but I wish you could put wine in it,” then you had a relatable thought. Designer James Piatt is now attempting to Kickstart the “wine glass mask,” which is basically a gas mask for wine.


Automated home fermentation device turns fruit into wine or cider

Just what we’ve been waiting for – an automated home fermentation device that can turn fruit or honey into wine, mead, or cider.


Pour the perfect glass of wine with this Electric Aerating Wine Dispenser

The process of allowing a bottle of wine to ‘breathe’ can sometimes take too long. The ‘Aervana’ Electric Aerating Wine Dispenser can help you solve this problem.


Stripe Christmas Wine Glasses

Festive hand painted wine glass comes with matching bow and gift hand tag.  Get one of each glass and save $10.00 off the usual price of my wine glasses.  Keep one for yourself, and give one as a gift!


Velvet Christmas Wine Bottle Gift Bag

An interesting Christmas wine gift bag is the perfect way to finish off a wine bottle gift.  This creative gift bag is made from velvet and resembles a traditional Santa coat, trimmed with white “fur”.


Christmas wine stoppers

This fun Christmas Wine Bottle Stopper Set, by Wine Enthusiast, are fun and so festive! You have your choice of Reindeer, Blitzen or Santa, or all three! Can be purchased at


Santa’s Flask is the ultimate stocking for all wine lovers

No, this is not a drill. You can now buy an actual Christmas stocking-shaped wine flask.


This homebrew kit promises DIY beer in 24 hours

If you are a beer brewer, you will know that traditional homebrewing takes at least 4 weeks.


This LEGO Coffee Maker brews hot coffee without melting the plastic bricks

Though coffee snobbery is all too common today, the makers at Astonishing Studios aren’t taking the hot beverage too seriously, as their ‘LEGO Coffee Maker’ shows.


This Storm Trooper Whiskey Decanter Is What You Need In Your Life

No man-cave is complete without a a Storm Trooper whiskey decanter. Every dedicated Star Wars fan knows this. Rest assured that this decanter is the finishing touch you’ve been waiting for.

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