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The Mitten Flask Keeps You Warm And Boozy

Drinking is an integral part of getting through the winter.


Corkscrews and Bottle Stoppers for Hipsters Who Love Wine

While the Urban Dictionary defines “hipster” according to geographic location, hairstyle and attire, there is no indication as to a preference in wine bottle openers.


This Wine Gun Bottle Opener

The ‘Wine Gun’ from WineOvation is an electric wine opener with a design that mimics the aesthetic of a lethal weapon.


Portable Single-Glass Wine Aerators

The Eparé Pocket Wine Aerator is a handy product that looks to mimic the wine aging process in order to make an ordinary glass of wine taste more extraordinary.


The Beach Glass: Your beach drinking saviour

Add a touch of elegance and innovation to that special event on the beach, outdoor concert or on the slopes with the The Beach Glass‘®.


This Smart Coffee Table Comes With A Built In Fridge

If you’re looking to keep the party in front of the couch without having to get up for chilled beverages, then the Sobro Coffee Table has been designed just for you.


Finally, A Wine Glass That Conforms To Your Face

If you’ve ever watched the opening credits to Knocked Up and thought, “That gas mask bong is cool, but I wish you could put wine in it,” then you had a relatable thought. Designer James Piatt is now attempting to Kickstart the “wine glass mask,” which is basically a gas mask for wine.


Automated home fermentation device turns fruit into wine or cider

Just what we’ve been waiting for – an automated home fermentation device that can turn fruit or honey into wine, mead, or cider.

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Pour the perfect glass of wine with this Electric Aerating Wine Dispenser

The process of allowing a bottle of wine to ‘breathe’ can sometimes take too long. The ‘Aervana’ Electric Aerating Wine Dispenser can help you solve this problem.


Stripe Christmas Wine Glasses

Festive hand painted wine glass comes with matching bow and gift hand tag.  Get one of each glass and save $10.00 off the usual price of my wine glasses.  Keep one for yourself, and give one as a gift!

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