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Spectacular places to store wine

Thanks to new technology and sophisticated design, innovative new wine storage solutions are popping up — and down — everywhere.


How do you spot a hipster wine?

Some wines have pseudo counter-cultural stylings, but give them a chance – you might just love them.


Make Your Own Boozy Fruit Gushers Filled With Champagne!

These Champagne mimosa fruit Gushers are packed with orange citrus flavor, sparkling with sweet Champagne bubbles, and too good to stop at just one!


Why red wine is the best alcohol for great sex

I’ve always wanted to explain that warm, flushed feeling I get when I’ve had a glass or two of red.


Celebrate Valentine’s Day the Leopard’s Leap way

Celebrate Valentine’s Day the Leopard’s Leap way with Salmon for two!


Inside the biggest winery in China

When it comes to wine, China doesn’t have the greatest of reputations.


Oriental Chicken Noodle Salad with Boland Cellar Reserve No 1 Chenin Blanc 2015

Boland Cellar on the slopes of the Paarl Mountain, draws its grapes from a wide range of geographical, geological and meteorological micro climates.


Tickled Pink with De Krans Cape Pink

Break with tradition and celebrate that special occasion–  birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and especially Valentine’s Day – with a glass of chilled De Krans Cape Pink. Yes, it’s sweet, but what a treat, when served ice-cold!


Experts are now adding salt to their wine to improve the flavour

For those of us that aren’t experts in the vino department, we’re vaguely aware that the ‘proper’ thing to do is swill it and put our faces into it, or something.


5 Words to look for to find high-quality wines

Affordable wine doesn’t have to taste cheap. But how can you tell you have a good bottle before pouring that first glass?

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