The 5 Steps of Flavour Profiling

Flavour Profiling is the art and science of identifying, characterising and quantifying the perception of sensory attributes in any consumable product. While it is true that taste is subjective (there is a debate raging at the moment as to the value of professional tasters) many people underestimate the human olfactory system’s ability to detect unique scents and tastes and the brain’s ability to interpret and describe them accurately.

The 5 Steps of Flavour Profiling

  • The first step is to identify the flavour attributes present in the product. This is the foundation on which further analysis takes place.
  • The second step is to assign each of the character notes a scale value representing its intensity.
  • The third step is to list the various flavours in order of appearance – this can be divided into initial flavours, the mid-palate and the finish.
  • The fourth step is to analyse the aftertaste – do the flavours evolve? How long does the perception of flavour last and what is its intensity?
  • The fifth and final step is to measure the amplitude – a somewhat mysterious and complex attribute. Amplitude can be defined as the level of integration of the distinct analysable flavours and background flavours which cannot be accurately analysed, as well as the overall impact this has on the perception of the product.

But what use is there in deconstructing flavours like this?

The great advantage of measuring the different variables on a scale is that once they have been quantified they can be represented visually in graph, map or web forms in 2-D or 3-D. Having a graphic representation of different products makes for quick, easy and sometimes surprising pairing opportunities.

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