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Would You Pay $50 for Coffee That Was Shot Nearly Into Space?

Astronaut, a cup of coffee brewed in New York, is the latest to explore the science of roasting.


Enchanting Champagne Glasses Turn Your Bubbly Into A Swirling Rainbow

If you like your stemware with a bit of sparkle, you’re sure to love Urban Outfitters‘ colorful coupe cocktail glasses.


Mandela Coffee founders hope to solve global problems, one cup at a time

The next time you buy a cup of coffee, you could have the chance to support clean water projects in developing countries.


Grilled Prawns with a Summer Salsa

Fresh, seasonal and sustainable – that is how we like to eat. Enjoy the summer season with Chef Pieter’s recipe for grilled prawns that burst with flavour.

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‘pope’ Of French Cuisine Paul Bocuse Dies Age 91,

Paul Bocuse, one of the greatest French chefs of all time, died on Saturday aged 91 after a long battle with Parkinson's disease. Dubbed the "pope" of French cuisine, Bocuse helped shake up the food w


Michelin-starred Menu Has Chinese Flavor


Book Reveals Four Basic Factors You Need To Know To Be A Master Cook

American chef and writer Samin Nosrat’s new cookbook, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, says these elements are key to master the art of cooking


Joey Carbstrong, Vegan Activist, On The Myth Of Humane Slaughter And Why Vegans Have Obligation To Convert Meat Eaters

Australian who had an epiphany while in prison for a gang-related crime channels the assertiveness he once used to intimidate people into turning others on to veganism; he recently joined protests aga


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