Heineken Really Wants This Floating Swimming Pool To Be Built In A New York City River

High-tech filtration project seeks 100,000 more backers.


Budweiser Looks For America In The Pacific Northwest In This Character-driven Documentary

Road trippin? with PB& and director Tony Fulgham.


For National Tequila Day, 3 L.a. Water Fountains Were Upgraded To Dispense Jose Cuervo Silver

CP+B called its refreshingly potent stunt ?H2Cuervo.?


Mayim Bialik And Sodastream Study The Primitive ‘homoschlepiens’ And Their Bottled Water

A cautionary tale from the year 2136.


Fanta’s Clever New Bottle Looks Fresh Squeezed, And Was Brutal To Design

World?s first asymmetric bottle for a carbonated soft drink.


Coca-cola Made Detachable Bottle Labels That Work As Wristbands For Music Festivals

Yet another cool packaging innovation.


Fender And Jose Cuervo Just Made A Guitar Out Of Agave

The new Stratocaster is the latest in a series of efforts from the tequila-maker to find interesting ways to use the plant.


Could Pepsi Make Things Right With A Logo That Actually Made The World Better?

Two agency creatives dream up #PepsiCAN.


Jose Cuervo Toasts The End Of The World In Apocalyptic Ad From Cp+b And Ringan Ledwidge

Tequila and Elvis are all you need.


Frat-boy Fave Jägermeister Is Taking A Shot At The Cocktail Crowd

Despite its challenges, Jägermeister remains the No. 1 imported liqueur in the U.S., and is by far the most fabled libation you can order at a bar.

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