Fanta’s Clever New Bottle Looks Fresh Squeezed, And Was Brutal To Design

World?s first asymmetric bottle for a carbonated soft drink.


Coca-cola Made Detachable Bottle Labels That Work As Wristbands For Music Festivals

Yet another cool packaging innovation.


Fender And Jose Cuervo Just Made A Guitar Out Of Agave

The new Stratocaster is the latest in a series of efforts from the tequila-maker to find interesting ways to use the plant.


Could Pepsi Make Things Right With A Logo That Actually Made The World Better?

Two agency creatives dream up #PepsiCAN.


Jose Cuervo Toasts The End Of The World In Apocalyptic Ad From Cp+b And Ringan Ledwidge

Tequila and Elvis are all you need.


Frat-boy Fave Jägermeister Is Taking A Shot At The Cocktail Crowd

Despite its challenges, Jägermeister remains the No. 1 imported liqueur in the U.S., and is by far the most fabled libation you can order at a bar.


Do Competing Bottled Water Brands Actually Taste Different?

Rhett & Link will slake your thirst for goofy, brand-inspired comedy in the “Ultimate Water Taste Test,” a wonderfully wet episode of their “Good Mythical Morning” YouTube show.


This Photographer Takes Fun Portraits of People After One, Two and Three Glasses of Wine

What do you look like as you get increasingly buzzed from alcohol? Many of Marcos Alberti’s friends now have photographic evidence.


Diet Coke prints literally millions of unique labels for new campaign

Diet Coke is embarking on a fun new packaging stunt in the U.S., using HP Indigo digital printing technology to create millions of completely unique labels—in a campaign appropriately themed, “It’s Mine.”


A Cognac Brand Just Made a John Malkovich Film That No One Will See for 100 Years

Robert Rodriguez and John Malkovich have made a movie that no one currently alive will ever see—and that’s just fine by them.

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