One Person Dead, Two Injured In Arcelormittal Explosion

One person has died and two others are seriously injured after an explosion at an ArcelorMittal plant in Gent, Belgium.


Sodastream Launches Fruit Essences Line In Us Retailers

Sparkling water brand SodaStream has introduced Fruit Drops - a range of bottled flavor essences - in US brick & mortar retailers, as the company aims to make sparkling water part of consumers' da


Coca-cola To Launch Soda Sweetened Solely By Stevia

Coca-Cola will pilot a new Coca-Cola drink sweetened solely with stevia, it announced during its investor day at its Atlanta, Georgia, headquarters.


Using Digital Technology To Detect Grape Quality

Researchers at the Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) are trialling a new way to measure bunch rot and non-grape matter by using near infrared hyperspectral imaging at the weighbridge.


Beverage Consumption Trends: ‘messages About Drinking Non-calorie Beverages Are Having An Effect’

A Harvard study shows that US sugary beverage consumption is declining, while there is an increasing percentage of water drinkers among children and adults.


Absolut Uncover Sequin Bottle Has Flip Effect For Creating Messages

Absolut Uncover has launched two end-of-year limited editions called Sequin and Sleeve.


Scotland To Lead The Way On Minimum Unit Pricing After Uk Supreme Court Ruling

The UK Supreme court has ruled that minimum unit pricing for alcohol in Scotland can go ahead, dismissing an appeal led by the Scotch Whisky Association. After a five year journey through the courts,


Flow Expands Into Flavored Water Territory

Alkaline water brand Flow is set to launch an organic flavored water line this December, aimed at satisfying the growing consumer demand for premium water products.


Christmas Soft Drink Demand Is Set To Soar, Predicts Britvic

As people aim to reduce their alcohol consumption, almost half of UK consumers are planning to buy more soft drinks this Christmas, according to Britvic, which is advising operators to prepare for a b


Alpha Packaging Buys 2nd Manufacturing Facility In Europe

Alpha Packaging in the US has acquired a second plant in Europe in Etten-Leur, the Netherlands, from Graham Packaging Company.

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