The Absolute Best Way To Chill Wine

If you poke around certain corners of the Internet, you’ll find all sorts of tricks for speeding up the wine-chilling process.


Want A Better Cocktail? Find A Botanist

Shoots and Roots bitters taste like an airline ticket around the world—and back in time.


The Rosé-aperol Spritz Is Your Drink Of Summer

Garnish with a grapefruit slice and quirky out-of-office automatic reply.


Mermaid Prosecco Is Here, Proving The Trend Will Never Die

We're way past its peak.


This Gluten-free, Low-carb Beer Actually Tastes Good

We didn't see this healthy(?) beer coming.


This One-ingredient Smoothie Is The Drink Of The Summer

We're crushing the coconut licuados at Atla in NYC.


Trader Joe’s $4 4-pack Of Canned Wine Is A Midsummer Night’s Dream

The new Two Buck Chuck has arrived.


7 Foods That Are Nearly Impossible To Pair With Wine

What is this evil science?


Why Is French Wine So Inexplicably Great?

Our wine editor travels to France in search of French wine secrets.


George Clooney Drinks Four Cups Of Coffee A Day

We asked the actor all about his coffee habits ahead of his new Nespresso ad.

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