Mayim Bialik And Hodor Insult Plastic Bottle Users

In SodaStream ad, the "Big Bang Theory" and "Game of Thrones" stars claim plastic bottles are primitive.


Pepsi Mocked For Going Kinky With Nintendo Switch Giveaway

A video featuring Pepsi's Fire cola, a backpack and a Nintendo Switch is drawing some cutting feedback.


51,000 Sodastream Bottles Recalled Due To Explosion Risk

Thousands of SodaStream's carbonating bottles have been recalled over concerns they might burst.


The battle of the CES 2017 coffee and tea robots

Several companies at CES 2017 had robots that made hot caffeinated beverages. While all these robots drew crowds, not all were created equal.


This trick makes a cheap bottle of vodka taste like Grey Goose

Everyone would love to be able to go to the store and pick up a premium vodka, but not everyone’s budgets will allow for such an indulgence.


Coffee vs. Cold Brew vs. Espresso: Which has the most caffeine?

When you wake up and drink your morning cup of coffee, you don’t dwell on what it is about the brown beverage that wakes you up. You just know that it’s easier to go about your day after you’ve downed a few cups.


How to make cold-brew coffee at home

Whipping up quality cold-brew coffee is easy and delicious — and saves you money.


Finally, a gadget for beer lovers who can`t pour beer

Those of us that have a taste for beer understand the value of the perfect head of foam atop the glass.


How you make your coffee matters

Depending on if you dig drip, French press, cold brew, or prefer to single-pod it up, your method of coffee making has a measurable impact on flavor and quality.


Zombie mug: The most hideously icky way to drink your coffee

Start your morning in a fit of primal fear with a zombie mug featuring a makeup job worthy of "The Walking Dead."

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