Giant Us Firm Which Makes Budweiser Crushes Tiny Uk Brewers

US giant Anheuser-Busch claims customers could confuse its own fruit-flavoured Belle-Vue beer with the ales produced by Belleville Brewing Company in Wandsworth.


How South Africa’s Eastern Cape Is An Adrenaline Junkie’s Playground

Swinging through tree canopies and canoeing across swelling seas, these are just two of the adventures waiting for the adrenaline junkie on South Africa?s beautiful Eastern Cape.


Rita Ora rocks a sports casual look in bomber jacket

Rita Ora was taking some time to herself, paying a visit to Equilibrium Gym in Holland Park, London on Friday to work up a sweat in style.


Eco coffee pods made from bamboo and paper are launched to take on the aluminium capsules advertised by George Clooney 

New ‘green’ coffee capsules are being launched to take on the aluminium Nespresso versions promoted by George Clooney.


World`s oldest beer is created using yeast found in a bottle from a 220-year-old shipwreck

We’ve all heard of fine wines improving with age, but never anything quite like this.


Are YOU smart enough to solve this beer and burger brainteaser?

A fiendishly tricky maths puzzle is the latest brainteaser to sweep the web, leaving hundreds confused and infuriated.


The best way to ask for a beer around the world

For some, there’s nothing so satisfying as winding down a day on the road with a cold beer and a snack – especially if the temperature has been scorching.


Kate Moss is drinking again after being sober for two month

She’s apparently been off the booze since June. 


The world’s first guide to matching INSECTS and wine

The world’s first insect and wine matching guide has been created by a British wine merchant.


Belgian scientists make novel water-from-urine machine

The team at Ghent University in Belgium say their technique could also be applied in rural areas and developing countries where fertilisers and reliable drinking water are short in supply.

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