Is Black Insomnia The World’s Strongest Coffee?

The company says it packs 702 milligrams of caffeine into 12 ounces of coffee.


Budweiser explores how to brew beer on Mars

The maker behind two of America’s bestselling beers has an idea that’s truly out of this world.


Makers of Kona beer sued because it’s not brewed in Hawaii

Kona beer is not actually brewed on the Islands of Aloha.


Science finds mixing alcohol and energy drinks has same effect as taking cocaine

Mixing energy drinks with alcohol alters the activity in the adolescent brain – which lasts into adulthood, according to a new study conducted at Indiana’s Purdue University. 


How long does alcohol really last after it’s been opened?

hose “Best by,” “Use by” and “Sell before” dates stamped on the food we buy can be a source of continued confusion for consumers.


The truth about boxed wine

For years, one of the most loathed word combinations in the long history of the grape was “boxed wine” — and for good reason.


Odd study says you shouldn’t drink coffee after a concert

Scientists who were apparently in desperate need of a research topic have a tip for concert-goers: Don't drink coffee for a while afterward.


Top reasons beer is actually good for you

Another excuse for another round.


Are you using the wrong wine glass?

f you’re a casual drinker of wines, you’re probably good with the wine glass you’ve got.


Big wine producer to become first in industry to put calorie information on labels

Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) has announced it will voluntarily begin including calorie information on all of its bottled wine products to help consumers make more informed choices about what they’re drinking.

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