Red ‘n’ Bubbly

You might think that red would be a natural colour for a sparkling cocktail. After all, even if red bubbly per se generally falls into the category Germans call dreimenchenwein ? the drinker having to


Supermarket Fizz: Part 1

For many, frequently in the past and still sometimes today, supermarkets and convenience stores are a haven for those of us looking to purchase our weekly supply of wines with many stores holding huge


Champagne Season

With the changing of the clocks and the crack of fireworks behind us, we are on the home straight towards festive chaos and all the wonderful vinous delights that the silly season entails. Yet the rom


Wine Bloggers, Journalists And Influencers

I wanted to take a look at a certain part of the wine industry that I would say fits one of the main roles I see myself having and that is wine blogging/journalism. Now this is a section of the indust


Champagne De Venoge Releases Gold Within A Golden Bottle!

Champagne de Venoge are hitting a very ?celebrational moment? (as if we need an excuse to enjoy Champagne) in that they are coming up to the 180th birthday! So of course bubbles are in order and to ma


Discover Champagne Vollereaux

Born into a wine-making family established in Pierry and Moussy since 1805, it was at the end of the Great War that Victor Vollereaux decided to promote his own Champagne. He achieved his first vintag


An Evening Of Fizz!

Last month I found myself representing Basilicata?s highly regarded Cantine del Notaio at Blenheim Palace?s literature, film and music festival gala dinner. Indeed!! Now one might have expected the ea


A New Style Of Judging Champagne & Sparkling Wines

?Ever since we created the concept of Glass of Bubbly, the days when we started with no followers and no likes, not a post yet to be shared on our website and not one glass of bubbly reviewed in our n


Deciphering Nuances Within Pinot Noir Dominant Champagne

We have different tastes. It?s not just our imagination; it?s genetic. Oenologist Charles-Eric Vilain XIII claims, ?Taste is very personal?, whether it?s wine, chocolate, cheese, art, or music. Many c


The Coolest Place In London To Enjoy Champagne

If you are going to enjoy a glass of Champagne in London then you are surely going to seek a unique location to further enhance that bubbly experience? London is awash of fine wine and dining location

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