Researchers discover seaweed that tastes like bacon and is twice as healthy as kale

Researchers at Oregon State have patented a new strain of seaweed that tastes like bacon when it's cooked. The seaweed, a form of red marine algae, looks like translucent red lettuce. It also has twic


Politicians in Indonesia call for nationwide alcohol ban


Why wine gives you a headache and how to avoid it


Meringue coffee is the latest creation people are going crazy for

With every coffee shop on the high street offering a plethora of flavoured syrups and the annual launch of Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte having become an event in itself, it seems people can’t get enough of sugary coffee.


Hangover-free alcohol could replace all regular alcohol by 2050


Corona beer founder makes everyone in his village a millionaire after leaving money in will

The founder of Corona beer has left £2m in his will to each resident of the small Spanish village in which he grew up.


Orange juice is under fire from nutritionists – and now it’s disappearing from breakfast in America


Modern day rules of craft beer drinking etiquette

Time was when pubs were simple, unfussy places, serving mainly pints, pies and packets of peanuts.


Bordeaux Voted Best City In The World by Lonely Planet


10 Best American beers

Europe my lay claim to the greater beer heritage but for some time now America has been at the forefront of the craft beer scene. With flavoursome new hops from Washington State?s Yakima Valley and hu

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