People Who Drink Tea Are More Creative, Study Claims


This Is What Happens To Your Body During Dry January

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People Are Calling For The Coca-cola Christmas Truck To Be Banned This Year

Calls have been made for the Coca-Cola Christmas truck to be banned over fears that it contributes to an ?obesity epidemic.? Despite the fact that, in the eyes of many, the annual tour of the truck ro


Forget Gin, This Summer It’s All About Port and Tonic


10 Best Spiced Rums

The practice of lobbing fruit and spices into barrels of rum is nothing new. Distillers have been blending their rums with all kinds of adjuncts for centuries ? whether to help thirsty sailors ward of


Wines Of The Week

Ah?.September. Sometimes the best of all months: warm golden days, cooler evenings, autumn in the air. For me this means the first game of the year, oysters back in season, an abundance of late summer


If You’re A Man, Stop Drinking IPA Beers Immediately

We?re all familiar with the idea of ?beer bellies,? but your love of a cold one with the lads could be affecting your body in another way. India pale ales (IPAs), it turns out, can contribute to a man


Kendall Jenner Finally Addresses Her Highly Controversial Pepsi Advert

Kendall Jenner was one of the only people who did not respond to her Pepsi advert. The reality TV star remained deafeningly tongue-tied while the commercial was eviscerated in countless think-pieces,


10 Best Beers From Bristol And Bath

Any beer enthusiast looking for a weekend city break could do worse than head out west to Bristol. The laid-back city has a vibrant mix of traditional and modern watering holes, most of them serving a


Beer A Better Pain Relief Than Paracetamol, Study Says

Your head is pounding, the room?s spinning and your stomach is lurching ? when you?re hungover, reaching for painkillers can often seem like a good idea. But according to a new study, hair of the dog

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