10 Best Beers From Bristol And Bath

Any beer enthusiast looking for a weekend city break could do worse than head out west to Bristol. The laid-back city has a vibrant mix of traditional and modern watering holes, most of them serving a


Beer A Better Pain Relief Than Paracetamol, Study Says

Your head is pounding, the room?s spinning and your stomach is lurching ? when you?re hungover, reaching for painkillers can often seem like a good idea. But according to a new study, hair of the dog

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National Tequila Day: The Best 10 Cocktails Around The Uk

From a fiery twist on Tommy?s Margarita to a wild concoction with cider syrup and apple foam, here are the cocktails you need to be drinking come Monday. Wise at Demon, Wise and Partners - London


Australian man checks in single can of beer on flight

A solitary can of lager spent the weekend making its way around an airport baggage carousel after an Australian passenger checked it in as luggage on a flight. The man in question checked it for Qanta


Why you should add a pickle to your next beer

On a scorching summer’s afternoon, a sip of a sweet cider or pint of beer can be just the ticket. But light refreshing lagers are welcoming a new addition from America’s Midwest: the humble pickle.


Oktoberfest beer price rise set to outrage regulars and revellers

The price of beer at Oktoberfest in Munich will increase this year, with a litre costing as much as €0.25 (22p) more than in 2016.

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The 10 Things You Have To Do On A Visit To Edinburgh

With a dramatically beautiful Old Town and stylishly modern New Town, it?s little wonder Edinburgh is enticing increasing numbers of visitors each year. In 2010 the city attracted 3.27 million tourist


Gin And Tonic Is The Best Drink For Hayfever Sufferers

Hayfever has the ability to render us entirely out-of-action, irritating our eyes, blocking our noses and scratching our throats. But, if you?re on the hunt for a cure this season you might want to fo


Smirnoff Vodka Brutally Takes Down Donald Trump In New Ad

Smirnoff has mocked US President Donald Trump?s alleged ties to Russia with a new advertising campaign. The vodka brand?s new ad posters are emblazoned with the message: ?Made in America, but we'd be


The One Thing You Should Never Drink On A Plane

Looking for an excuse to have a glass of wine mid-flight? This could be it!

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