Bonang’s Exotic Pink Cocktail!

Mixologist Devin Cross reveals the inspiration behind Bonang Matheba’s signature drink.


Jazzing Up Your Average Cup Of Joe!

Barista Cuth Bland offers greater insight into coffee and chocolate pairing.


6 Ways To Not Be A Plonker When Ordering Wine At A Restaurant

There's this massive stigma around choosing wine at a restaurant, but there really shouldn't be.


3 Wine Mistakes People Make At Restaurants

Don't be scared to admit your budget


Watch: Kendall’s Pepsi Ad Irks Spike Lee

Award-winning movie-maker Spike Lee thinks Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi advert was “horrible”. What do YOU think?


Red Bull Takes Top Two Spots In Baku Practice

Verstappen and Ricciardo dominated scorching session that was halted after Sergio Perez crashed into the barriers.


3 Mistakes You Are Making When Pairing Food With Wine

Think you can’t drink red with fish? That champagne goes with sweet desserts? Think again


#howto: Pick The Right Champagne For You

Doux, brut coup, flute...the world of champagne is simply fizzing with possibilities


Grilled Beef + Champagne = Culinary Heaven?

Forget fries, would you like champagne with that?


Coca Cola South Africa Reduces Sugar Across Core Brands

Increasing the marketing and variety of Diet, Light and Zero amongst actions taken by CocaCola.

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