Cream Liqueur Is No Longer Just For Grandmothers

On the heels of the popular RumChata comes Magnum Cream Liqueur.


For Mardi Gras, Try This Rum That Was Born On The Bayou

While we tend to think of rum as a Caribbean thing, there’s a rich tradition of rum-making in Louisiana — going back to the 18th century.


Rock band releases entire album on the back of a beer can

Music acts, especially those used to radio airplay, ample non-festival live music venues and album sales, are having a really tough time navigating the modern music industry.


Awake the extravagant pirate within you and order a shot of Legacy Rum

When it comes to Legacy, a new rum from Angostura (the same Trinidadian brand behind the beloved bitters), you’ll probably want to forgo the mixing. That’s because this is a rum intended to stand


One day after unveiling wage hike, Starbucks raises drink prices

The coffee chain expects price hikes to increase the average customer ticket by about 1%.


Uganda coffee exports jumped 24% on year in April


The world is drinking less alcohol – except Americans

Some consumers are opting for an ‘adventurous’ drinking experience


Who needs bourbon when you can drink bourbon-flavoured vodka?

The bottle: Oak by Absolut, $25


At $1,500, this rum is not for piña coladas

We tend to think of rum as a summertime sip, good for mixing in tropical drinks.


Want to save an endangered cat? Drink this vodka

Big cats have been in the news of late for the most unfortunate reasons. But here’s a different story, one that involves an endangered feline and, yes, an enterprising vodka brand.

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