This Electric Surfboard Can Move Without The Waves

Making waves.


Dude Trolls Starbucks Baristas With A Bunch Of Weird Containers To Fill Up With Coffee

Naturally, he did this on bring-your-own-container day.


This Water Bottle Tricks You Into Drinking More Water

People that hate the taste of water are going to love this one.


Unfortunate German Man Tries To Tap A Keg But Life Isn’t Fair

So much beer, wasted.


Unicorn Frappucino A ‘nexus Of Awfulness’ To Anthony Bourdain

The inbred show-dog of Starbucks drinks was the target of Bourdain's disdain in a recent interview with Town & Country.


This Company Makes Clear Coffee And Our Minds Are Blown

Shut up and take my money.

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The Cleanest Cup Of Coffee: Sustainable Farming Meets Low Emissions Shipping

The dawn of a new era in shipping.


Nasa Has Discovered A Water World In Our Solar System Capable Of Sustaining Life

I want to believe.


Clear, Colorless Coffee Promises Not To Stain Your Teeth

All the caffeine without sacrificing your smile.


Soviet Propaganda Posters Warned Citizens Of The Evils Of Alcohol

In Soviet Russia, alcohol consumes YOU!

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