Walnut Whips Will No Longer Have Walnuts On Top

They're being rebranded as 'Whips'


Starbucks Is Hopping On The Turmeric Latte Trend

Yum, golden milk.

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You Can Now Get Pink Tequila, So At Least Your Rough Night Out Will Look Pretty



Cadbury Oreos Are Here To Bring Us Some Chocolate Covered Joy

Get these in my mouth.


This Beef Burger Comes With A Mac And Cheese Bun… And Pulled Pork

It looks pretty immense.


Burger Freakshakes Are Now A Thing Because Why Not?

You get four sliders and mini milkshakes for £24.


What Britain’s Ideal Pub Would Look Like



Stop Everything: Vegan ‘bacon Cone’ Is Coming To London

It's filled with chips, vegan cheese sauce and vegan fried chicken.


Let’s Be Honest, Afternoon Tea Is Trash



Afternoon Tea Week: London’s Quirkiest Afternoon Teas

Afternoon tea isn't all scones and finger sarnies, you know.

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