Why red wine is the best alcohol for great sex

I’ve always wanted to explain that warm, flushed feeling I get when I’ve had a glass or two of red.


Experts are now adding salt to their wine to improve the flavour

For those of us that aren’t experts in the vino department, we’re vaguely aware that the ‘proper’ thing to do is swill it and put our faces into it, or something.


Santa’s Flask is the ultimate stocking for all wine lovers

No, this is not a drill. You can now buy an actual Christmas stocking-shaped wine flask.


Drinking a beer a day can reduce your risk of stroke and heart disease

Off to the pub, then?


Tesco is selling toilet rolls that smell like mulled wine for Christmas

Supermarket giant Tesco has launched a seasonal loo roll for Christmas.


Bottom Sniffer non-alcoholic beer for dogs makes their bums smell better

It’s the product no one asked for, but that every dog owner will now receive for Christmas: special non-alcoholic beer for dogs that makes their bums smell better.


Deep fried tequila, salt, and lime shots are what your weekend is missing

What happens when cake and tequila collide?


This coffee gives you an instant erection which lasts up to three days

Could be awkward in meetings


Apparently certain types of tequila don’t give you hangovers

You may think that all those vegan, body-beautiful, yoga-posing, wellness-types over in LA might choose a wheatgrass shot over a dose of the hard stuff.


Science says you’re holding your mug all wrong

Scientists from South Korea have spent a lot of time and energy on fixing one of life’s great problems: hot beverages spilling out of mugs and cups as you walk from the kettle back to your desk.

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