The Christmas Food You Can And Can’t Share With Your Pets

An important warning: Don't give your kitty any mince pies.


Gin Flavoured Cheese Is Here To Give Your Christmas Cheeseboard A Boozy Kick

For those who love a G&T a little bit too much.


People Are Still Furious That Galaxy Truffles Aren’t In Celebrations Tubs

The Galaxy Truffle was eliminated from Celebrations tins in 2011, being replaced with the Twix.


Pinterest Shares The Food And Drink Trends We’ll All Be Trying In 2018

Expect lots of soup next year.


Your Office Teabags Contain 17 Times More Germs Than A Toilet Seat

*Walks slowly away from staff kitchen*


London’s Getting A Three Day Vegan Christmas Market, So Deck The Freakin’ Halls

Cash me at the vegan festive market, how bow dah?


We Took Dna Tests To See If We Were Born Marmite Lovers And We Regretted It

Why did I just send my DNA to a random company?


This Pop-up Is Hosting Christmas Dinner For Care Leavers

‘We are lighting up the country like a Christmas tree'


Would You Try One Of The World’s Hottest Christmas Dinners?

It registers at 6 million on the Scoville scale. A Scotch Bonnet is 350,000.


You Really Don’t Get The Same Number Of Each Chocolate In Tins Of Quality Street

Yep, there's way more rubbish Fudges than anyone wants.

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