The Upstart Alcohol Brand That Wants To Become India?s Jack Daniel?s

Its founder wants it to be the drink that people talk about when they think of India.


Ai Told Coca-cola To Make Cherry Sprite. So It Did

Coca-Cola's AI investment is turning into new products.


Coca-cola Wants To Grow In India By Selling Less Coke

Currently, India is the company's sixth-largest market.


Budweiser?s Owner Stopped Making Beer To Provide Water For Hurricane Harvey?s Victims

The maker of Budweiser actually does this a lot as major storms often pass through the area during hurricane season. It helped during Sandy, too.

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Insulted tequila makers are threatening to sue Heineken over its tequila-flavoured beer

Tequila is for sipping, not shots—and certainly not for chugging out of a beer bottle with trace amounts of Mexico’s most famous export.


Insulted Tequila Makers Are Threatening To Sue Heineken Over Its Tequila-flavored Beer

The Desperados brand, which targets millennials, goes against the sophisticated image tequila sellers have been trying to cultivate. 


Coconut Water Is The Latest Battleground Between Pepsi And Coca-cola

Can coconut water help big soda companies save face?


A Giant Alcohol Brand Is Awkwardly Flirting With The Maker Of Jack Daniel?s

A New York liquor giant is flirting with one of Kentucky's biggest-name distillers.


Soon To Be Made Without Any Fish Guts, Guinness Is Going Vegan

Brewers often to use fish bladders, more formally known as isinglass, for the filtering of cask beers.


The Global Race For The World’s Strongest Coffee Has Produced A Monster Now For Sale In The Us


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