A Giant Alcohol Brand Is Awkwardly Flirting With The Maker Of Jack Daniel?s

A New York liquor giant is flirting with one of Kentucky's biggest-name distillers.


Soon To Be Made Without Any Fish Guts, Guinness Is Going Vegan

Brewers often to use fish bladders, more formally known as isinglass, for the filtering of cask beers.


The Global Race For The World’s Strongest Coffee Has Produced A Monster Now For Sale In The Us



Mixologists are reviving your grandma’s favourite ingredients

Long before India’s burgeoning bar scene spawned celebrity mixologists and cocktails with cult renown, the most refreshing, distinctive drinks were made by village grandmothers and at roadside dhabas: puckeringly sour aam panna, made from green mangos, or the musky, beet-red fermented vegetable juice kanji.


Mixologists in India are reviving traditional ingredients like aam panna and kaanji

From kanji to aam panna.


This startup is taking the mystery out of wine pricing and making the good stuff cheaper

I rarely spend more than $20 on a bottle of wine. Often, it’s closer to $10.


Younger generations of wine drinkers are demanding prettier bottle labels

If you're looking to sell some wine, it might help to put an animal on the label.


The secret to a seriously good bottle of Champagne? Not taking it too seriously

Cheers to that.


An ancient drought-friendly farming process could become the next organics

As California settles into a drought-stricken future and the price of water soars, farmers are looking to dry farming techniques to reduce the amount of water they use.


There’s really no reason not to be drinking organic wine

People are often willing to pay more for organic meat and produce, expecting higher quality products and a smaller impact on the environment. Wine is a different story.

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