Cookbook By Former Sheraton Chef Chan Sui-kei, Who Started Career At 11

Chan Sui-kei, of the Celestial Court Chinese Restaurant, recalls starting his career young and says working in a Chinese kitchen was not easy


Is It Chinese, French, Italian Or Japanese? Recipe Will Blow Your Mind

Susan Jung’s shrimp and chive tortellini with sake beurre blanc is an adventure for the taste buds


South American Cocktail Pisco Sour Gets A Hong Kong Twist

Award-winning bartender Antonio Lai, of Hollywood Road’s Quinary bar, puts a new spin on the classic


Chef Behind Kung Fu Soup On His Guangdong-style Cantonese Dishes

Scott Xu, the executive sous chef of the Grand Hyatt Shenzhen, recalls the first meal he cooked, aged eight, and tells us why he believes in sticking to traditional recipes

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Albania?s Food Revolution: Unique Ingredients, Lost Wines And Returning Chefs Put Country On The Culinary Map

During Balkan nation?s 45 years of hardline communist rule, food was rationed, cookbooks were burned and recipes were lost, but a new generation of Albanians are making good use of some amazing indige


Only In Hong Kong: Underground Wine Cellar With A Machine Gun Emplacement Outside The Door

A second world war ammunition storage bunker, that held off the Japanese invaders even after the fall of Hong Kong, was converted into a premium storage facility for fine wines, winning a Unesco herit

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Us And Chinese Demand For Cognac Prompts Lvmh To Open Us$118 Million Bottling Plant

Hennessy cognac is a huge hit in China and the US, where it has become popular in cocktails and a favourite tipple of rappers. The demand is so great that the distiller is opening a huge bottling plan


Restaurant Review: Hung Tong In Hung Hom ? Chinese Comfort Food With A View

Old favourite sweet and sour pork was the star of the meal, while the succulent barbecued prime Iberico pork with maple syrup came in a close second


Bar Review: Loyal Bar In Wan Chai ? Well-made Mix Of Old-style Classics And Signature Fusion Drinks

Professional service, excellent two-for-one happy hour offers, and traditional colonial cocktails make it the perfect place for some appetising pre-dinner beverages


Newly Opened New Punjab Club In Central ? Palatable But Pricey Indian Food

The offer of a HK$268 gin and tonic set the tone for a meal that included tasty and tender kebabs, refreshing lentil dumplings and a yummy sticky toffee pudding, but the Flintstone-sized lamb chops we

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