Chenin Blanc’s Champions Revive A Workhorse White

[...] when Chardonnay was crowned king in the 1980s, surrounded by a royal court of Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio, Chenin got the hook. "I was always looking for an alternative white, a good varie


One Day, One Place: Oliver Osoyoos Wine Country, B.c.

Canada’s highest concentration of wineries, in a spectacular setting that offers plenty of attractions for non-oenophiles, too. Named for the two towns at either end of 16 miles that stretch to the


Clover Sonoma Milks The Pop-up Trend In Hayes Valley

Clover Sonoma, the North Bay dairy, has jumped on a trend of companies using pop-ups — temporary stores that offer flash sales or distinctive experiences — to generate some extra attention. For t


Saintsbury Vintner Richard Ward Dies At 67

Richard Ward, co-founder of Saintsbury winery and pioneer of Napa Valley Pinot Noir, died Saturday from complications after a 13-year battle with cancer. With his business partner, David Graves, Mr.


Armless Robot Loses Fight To Drunk Man

A 41-year-old Mountain View man was facing charges after he picked a fight with a 5-foot-tall, 300-pound security robot.


Gallo Buys Iconic Stagecoach Vineyard In Napa Valley

E. & J. Gallo, one of the world's largest wine companies, announced Thursday it had agreed to purchase Stagecoach Vineyard, a famous site in Napa Valley, from the vineyard's original developer Jan


Winemaker uses condoms and tropical fruit to make wine

The sweet smell of fermenting fruit fills the streets around the modest Havana home where Orestes Estevez and his family fill glass jugs with grapes, ginger and hibiscus, then slip a condom over each glass neck to start the unusual process of winemaking in a land famed for rum.


Jackson Family Wines purchases boutique winery Copain

In a move showing the value placed on prestigious, artisanal brands in the wine market, Jackson Family Wines is buying Copain Wines, a small and well-regarded winery in Healdsburg. With the Copain bu


This could be Napa’s weirdest wine experience

Reporting for Raymond Vineyards’ Winemaker for a Day class are a Canadian couple, Jill and Martin, and I.


A Sonoma mountaintop aims for the heights with Cabernet

We’re bouncing up an old dirt fire road on Pine Mountain, somewhere northeast of the town of Cloverdale. Mark Burningham’s dog trots in front of our off-road vehicle on one of the last glorious October days of the year, and I’m trying to figure out which side of the Sonoma-Mendocino border we’re on.

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