How beer can strengthen your natural hair

With too much sun exposure, your hair is more prone to breakage and a dull appearance.


3 Good reasons to drink beer

THINK of all the reasons to enjoy a beer. There’s the obvious: after a hard days work, it tastes like the liquid equivalent of a high-five….so true!


Ugu Surfriders Show Spirit At Sa Champs

It was an exciting time for the young surfers.


Can You Get Aids From Drinking Pepsi?

An old 'warning' has resurfaced.


South Coast Bike Week: Here’s What’s On The Programme Of Events

The inaugural South Coast Bike Fest kicks off on April 27.


Register Now For A Feast Of Biking At The South Coast Bike Fest

The inaugural South Coast Bike Fest is not just for bikers.


No Whining At This Tasting

The hotel offered sip and swirl sessions for locals and visitors alike.

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